Section Cut Issues

Hi all. I am trying to render a scene that includes a Sketchup active section plane. It hangs at “Building GPU light cache…”. When I delete the section cut, it renders fine. It also renders when I set it to CPU rendering. Any idea why this is happening? I feel I’ve read somewhere that GPU rendering is not compatible with section planes, but I might be wrong. Thought I would ask to make sure. Thanks in advance!

Running Sketchup 2023 on Windows 10. Nvidia RTX 6000 ada. V-Ray 6.2.

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It’s time to update your forum profile.
Keeping it updated with the correct information helps us to help you…

Have you tried rendering with GPU at a low resolution of 640 px and with Material Override enabled?

Updated. Thanks!

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Tried your suggestions. Still hanging at “Building light cache”. Only renders if I delete the section plane.

Do you have materials with displacement in the model?
Have you tried in a new file with just a cube and the section?

Found that setting the GI Secondary to “Brute Force” allowed it to render, but very slow and resulting image was blown out.

Rendering a cube with a section cut worked just fine. Maybe it’s an issue with the model. Displacement is unchecked it the original model.

Possible… if you imported components (with problems) from 3D Warehouse or maybe you have a lot of glossy materials, or maybe you made changes to the rendering settings.
Also, try to reset to factory settings.

Since it works with a new file, then check your model.

I copy/pasted it into a new instance of SketchUp and it still won’t render if there is an Active section plane in the model.

Using Medium settings nothing else changed from standard settings.

The model is around 100 mb.

I can start deleting out components, but it seems to be connected to the section plane.

I have other scenes in the model that render fine. It’s just the scene with the “Active” section plane that is giving me issues.

Is everything it is cutting through a solid?

That I couldn’t tell you. It’s a very complex model. I’m not sure how I could determine that, unless you have some idea. I did try deleting everything in the model except the section plane. I dropped a new cube into the model and tried to render. It hanged at Building light cache again.

Have you tried sending it to ChaosCloud to see if it will render?

If you brought in a fresh cube and got rid of everything else (did you purge?) and it still hung up then… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Did you delete the section plane and add a new one? Moving the plane forward or backward just a bit? What are you doing for the fill of the section cut - inheriting properties from the groups / components it passes through or just a solid color?

I don’t use ChaosCloud.
Yes, I moved the section plane more than once. Didn’t matter.
The fill is set to solid color.
When I deleted everything in the model and created a cube and cut it with a new section plane, it renders fine. So, I’m thinking it’s something in the model itself that causes the issue.

I’m tempted to bet that it has to do with the loops that are created with the section plane through your model. Some creating a fill, others (uneven counting from the outside or inside) not, all within the same context of the section plane or lower (nested) level. This may be sort of fine in SketchUp itself, but may confuse the rendering program.
The only way to find out is if you share the file.

Unfortunately, sharing isn’t possible. It’s for a client that we haven’t signed a contract with quite yet. I have forwarded the file to Chaos. Hopefully, they can figure it out.

same problem here. when there are section cuts active, regardless of their position, RTX rendering won t work and results with black screen of crush in the viewport. were you able to find a solution?

I forwarded the issue to Chaos. They were able to reproduce the error. Unfortunately, they don’t presently have a fix. Hopefully, in a future update they will fix it.

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after updating the nvidia studio drivers to the latest, mine started working fine again.

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