Problem with section plane

I have a problem with section plane. I position it and it seems fine (in the middle of the room) but during rendering it shows like I would be in the middle of the wall or cabinet behind camera and it shows inside of the cabinet and lines for tiles. What do I do wrong?

It’d probably help to know what renderer you are using and whether you’ve successfully done such a scene before. Renderers handle SketchUp sections differently and given the nature of rendering software there a many things you could be doing wrong (or the software is incapable of what you want). Hard to guess. For example is the renderer set to render a different scene than the one with the section? Some renderers have their own scene designation. Is there a preview mode you can look at?

I use Vray.

This is example of what’s going on.
The problem is only in this scene any other scene renders without any problems. I remodeled entire scene yesterday to check if there’s a problem with some components but it’s still the same.

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Is your model created correctly, with all the raw geometry grouped according to each element? Are the faces correctly oriented, meaning the front faces (white) outwards?

Are the other scenes also sections?

Yes it’s created correctly. There is no such a problem with any other scene. When I try to hide components instead of making section plane it’s perfectly fine so I am guessing the problem is somewhere in section plane.

I’m also facing the same problem.
If you get the solution of this problem please tell me also.

In section settings, turning “use object material” option off may help… Reverse all options in section options is needed also, to have correct lightning and reflections…