Section-Align View-Distance or item

Tips/trick/procedure to setup a section for a specific item? For instance you have a model of a large multi-floor structure and you want to create a section view of a single desk, feature, cabinet, when you great the section its large based on the model. You then select align view and it snaps the camera to the size of the section which may put you another room, another floor, or across the street?

What if you open the desk or cabinet component for editing before placing the section plane? Will that work for you? The section plane will only cut the active component instead of the whole building.

Nope. Align view still snaps you to about 983.9 light years away from the object even though the section plane is within the component. The foolishness of this is that SU could easily have “zoom to selection” enabled for sections and it would be cake. If your section is the size of a football field that will be your view. If its the size of a playing card, zoom to selection, would take you to that view.

I tried grouping the component and the section, I tried putting the section in the component.

How about adding a section cut face with TIG’s extension for that. Then right click on that face for aligning the view?

Im on it Dave, Thanks, Found a bit of a work-around. Thanks for the extension tip.

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