Screen turns white when using the "look around" tool

I am in a model created with SU 2023 and updated to 23.1.340. When I use the look around tool, the screen turns white and the entire model disappears. It looks normal when I rotate back in another direction. I cannot view the model at eye level from certain perspectives at all.

I would assume that you looked into a wall or something. Without seeing your model or a video, it is hard to tell.


Can you make a video? Is the viewport on perspective or parallel projection?

A few releases ago there was a fix to a clipping issue, where if you have gone into the middle of some geometry, and you’re in Parallel Projection, things behind the camera are hidden. But, if you orbit or look around, then the camera is backed outwards to the point that clipping won’t happen.

If you have a reason to look from a given location and not see the things behind you, either use Perspective, or a section plane, or do not orbit and look around after placing the camera. You can zoom and pan after placing the camera, and the things behind you won’t become visible.

Screen captures linked below:

Viewport is in perspective mode. This is an entirely different issue from the clipping issue from previous versions. and is not a matter of being inside the walls. There are no section planes in the model. It happens regardless of what style I select. I’ve used SketchUp for 20 years and have not encountered this kind of clipping before.

Video is not viewable.

I think @colin has it… it looks like a clipping issue. Are you really using 2021 like your profile says? Have you tried seeing if parallel or perspective work differently?

I am using SketchUp Pro 23.1.340 64-bit
This happens in perspective and parallel projection modes. Harder to tell in parallel projection since that does not let you go inside the model as easily.