Screen is flashing rapidly while moving the cursor

The screen is “flashing” rapidly when I move the pointer over the model. Areas of the model disappear/shows. New HP computer with a dedicated 8Gb memory graphic card (Sketchup 2015 Pro). Ideas how to solve the problem is appreciated. Approx 10 ms between the pictures. Does not show in all other programs I use.
150516 Problem solved! It was an external screen problem.

Have you tried to change the OpenGL setting in the SketchUp preferences?

Agree with @Cotty. This certainly seems like an OpenGL settings/driver/hardware issue. Unless other programs use the same OpenGL features as SketchUp, they won’t trigger whatever problem is happening.

Clipping. Clipping plane.
Have a search for it. Lots of info about it and the open gl as the boys have mentioned.

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Another reason I hate the edit system.


Thanks all for trying to help. The problem seems to be my connected external screen. It helped to re-start the screen connection.