Scrapbook Layer info is being reassigned when importing to a LayOut sheet

When adding items from a scrapbook onto a sheet in LayOut the layer information from the scrapbook items are lost. It would seem that the scrapbook’s layer information should stay intact when pulling onto a LayOut sheet, but the layers are reassigned to match whatever layer is currently highlighted in the Layers side panel.

An option to bring over the layers would help a lot of help for my team’s workflow. Is this not how scrapbooks are supposed to function?

Thanks for any feedback,

Taylor from Bamboo Living

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Unfortunately mate, scrapbook objects do exactly as you’ve found! They assume (and any embedded layers within a group) the layer they are dragged into! I know, not ideal!

The other option for you if using these objects regularly, set up and save your drawing page as a template with all of these objects / groups arranged around the page in the grey area. They can then be set to layers, or layers in groups and these layers will match your page layers!

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