School's version (2020) is online only, yet we need to render (like Brighter3D) - PLEASE HELP!

Dear community,
Please help as I am going around in circles…
We upgraded from ‘2017 Make’ to ‘2020’, then realised it’s online only for schools. Frustratingly, we’re not allowed to download enough seats (up to 30) for our classroom, so must use the online version instead linked to Microsoft accounts.
BUT, now we can’t render scenes as extensions aren’t for online!
We were getting on with ‘2017 Make’ with (free) Brighter3D, now we’re in a bit of a mess.

PLEASE HELP… Looking forward to a guiding light…
Unless, I should just move over to Blender per machine…

From one (now even busier than ever) teacher!
Many thanks,

Download the SketchUp model and render it in SketchUp Make, or export it as DAE and then render in Blender.

Thank you so much for a swift response!
That makes perfect sense and is the only option I also thought, tried and worked.
However, ideally wanted to use Brighter3D 2020 and SU2020 (latest releases) on each machine. Also, in case a pupil created something incompatible between the two SUs…

So, either I’ll to set up one machine with B3D 2020 for using latest rendering, or (as you kindly advised) download and revert to 2017 for a ‘per machine’ rendering.

Thanks again.
I do appreciate your help!!!

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You can purchase ‘higher educationals’ for using the desktop version.
Check out the possibilities:

Have you looked at using something like SimLab Composer for rendering? They offer free licenses for educational institutions and students. It can also use SU files. Students could down load their .skp files and then render in SimLab.

It does a great job in rendering SU files :wink:
Modeled in SU with SU materials and opened in SimLab and simply hit the “render” button. Less than a minute to render.

Dear, all,
Thank you kindly!
I shall investigate the excellent suggestions in detail over the next few days and then reply in full.
In the meantime, the support in this community is the promptest and most helpful of the several I have used as a teacher over the last 15 years!

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