Scenes, layers and animation

hi, struggling with making a window. starting with just a plane rectangle i made a cross in 2 stages with 3 scenes; the first showing the rectangle, the next a horizontal mid-line and the next the vertical mid line. i then made a scene 4 and i would now like to fold the lower section into the top section the using keyframe animation tool and then for the whole “animation” to go back to scene 1 with just the rectangle and then repeat showing the animated part at the end… would really appreciate the help, thanks

SketchUp native scene animation is interpolating the camera from one scene page’s orientation to the next scene’s camera orientation. SketchUp does not have native geometric animation. (There are a few other style interpolations that also happen but that’s it.)

You can show changing geometry using the native scene transitions by switching off geometry assigned to “previous” layers, and switching on layers assigned to the next scene. This means you’ll be making multiple copies of your geometry, and you must then have it within a groups assigned to use differing layers. (Layers are just visibility toggles in SketchUp, not geometric containers. Scene pages cannot remember the position and state of geometry, only the visibility state of geometry and layers.)

One of the animation extensions is required if you wish to move geometry objects around.

appreciate the reply Dan. just having a think about that and i will get back to you, john