Scenes are missing images

Since updating to SU 2022 on my Mac OS12.2.1:
Parallel Projection Scenes in SU suddenly lost their images. Without warning I noticed missing elevation and section images in my Layout working drawings for a house. This has happened on more than one model. I’ve fixed it at least temporarily by joggling the image with the orbit tool and then resetting to the Standard View. Then saving all scene settings. Problem is then that the camera position is slightly different than previously saved so my notations on Layout views have to be adjusted to align with the repositioned image.
Has anyone else found this bug?
Roger Guernsey, Architect

There is a new problem in 2022.0.1 that leads to the symptom you’re describing. We’re investigating the problem.

In the files with this problem that have been posted here, switching to Perspective and back to Parallel Projection brought the things back to view. I haven’t been able to test what this does to scenes that have been placed into LayOut.

I’ll try Anssi’s workaround next time it happens. @colin It’s helpful to know that the bug is known. Do you have any other suggested workarounds?

What Anssi says can involve a bit of realigning the view. A less harmful work around is to choose the Look Around tool, click and drag a tiny amount, and back again, so that the view looks as close to what you had before. Then update the scene, and Save. Back in LayOut it should then behave.

As the scene will be slightly different, you may need to reposition the cameras when we fix the real issue.

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