Scene Units Extension


Just another toy I wrote this morning - it is an extension that saves the units on a per-Scene basis.

There is a toolbar and a menu named “SceneUnits”. The menu and button will appear “checked” when enabled.

When enabled, any units changes are saved to the current Scene, and recalled when revisiting the Scene.

The only other option is “Purge” which removes all SceneUnit data from the model.

If a model is saved with SceneUnit enabled, then SceneUnits will be enabled when the model is opened in the future.

Maybe it’s useful. Let me know if you have any problems using it.

It needs a proper icon for the Toolbar, if anyone can contribute I would muchly appreciate it. Done.Thanks John.

SceneUnits v1.0 is now on the SketchUcation Store.




do you want the skp, pdf and svg files…



Nice John, thank you. SketchUp 2016+ Windows uses svg and Mac uses pdf, right?

I’ll include the icon, make it a proper extension, get it signed and put on the Extension Store.




Jim I PM’d the skp and the pdf, svg versions…

do whatever you want with them…