Scanning to make a Bust

Some one ask if I could make a bust of his head . . to start with how to Scan his head ? and then import it to Sketchup seems a lot of the programs are no longer there on the page of maybe programs


I am not too familiar with performing this kind of task but maybe the previous discussion as below could be of help:

Easiest and cheapest way, although not very reliable, is to use a photogrametry app on your phone. Most of them export obj or something that you can eventually import into SU. I spent many hours trying to do heads, eventually giving up and buying a scanner. Really cheap ones are rubbish, really expensive ones are magic. Mine is a Sense, which does a good job but requires a lot of patience to get right. I guess it would cost around $800.00 in the US

Thanks will see what is open for use . .