Scaling of ceiling panels to ceiling

Good morning
I am trying to scale a component of acoustic ceiling panels to the size of my ceiling but for some reason I am losing the measurements i.e. I start off with panels measuring 600x600 and end up with 600x1240
I wish to keep the panels looking 600x600 all over the ceiling

Your 3D selection has 26 green grips around. depending on the grip you pick you can input with one, two or three values as scale factors. If you include the units per value in the input, you’ll scale to exact dimensions according to your input.

Furthermore, you can use inferencing picked grip to existing geometry.

Note that corner grips are harder to use for snapping to existing geometry.
The easiest ones are the mid face grips.

A 600x600 panel should be easy to scale by grabbing a midpoint grip on a vertical rib. Scale to arbitrary size, then type 600mm,600mm and hit [Enter]

If the comma as separator doesn’t take, then use a semicolon ; as separator between values.

The way I read this OP is trying to scale several (group/component) 600x600 panels to “fill out” a room. (maintaining 600x600 panel sizes)

Pic/screenshot/model would really be helpful.

You may be right. In that case a linear copy array in both X and Y direction may be an option.
Or maybe a seamless tiled material with panel size 600x600.


One of the original Dynamic component examples (in the Component Warehouse, by the SketchUp team) is an automatically repeating ceiling tile.

Many thanks seems difficult but I will try

Did not quite understand you

That’s it - screenshot of my ceiling below

You can make the end ceiling components unique and adjust their size to fit the remaining dimensions. Overall you need only 4 different panel components for your ceiling. At most!

I tried but what ever command I was giving was still being taken by the rest of the panel components

Managed ! :smile: Many thanks - I did not know that I could also make the ends unique - Many many thanks - now to place the lights