Scaling in Layout 2019?

I am puzzled about the scaling - when opening a SU file in 2018 and scaling it 1:20 it looks like this and when opening the same file in Layout 2019 it looks a lot smaller?? I know the first version is correct and 2019 is not! But has changed in my settings or what went wrong?? Thx

Can you share the LayOut file so we can see what’s happening?

For those who might come along with a similar issue, it turned out, the paper size was inadvertently changed when the new template was created. A larger paper size was selected.

FWIW, you can use your custom templates from your previous LayOut version in the new version. You can either find the templates in the User/Library/Application Support/… folder for the previous version and copy them into the new equivalent location or, what might be easier is to just open the template in LO2018, save it to some place like your desktop and then open it in LO2019 after which you immediately click Save as Template.

If there’s anything that needs to be changed for the new year, you can do that before saving the template. I have copyright notices in my templates and change the year.

Happily this was a pretty easy fix. :wink:

Yes - that was an easy fix! I saved my old template and updated some of the fields - and now all is good and scaling too :wink: Thx Dave

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