Need help color added with scaling

For Starters when I was using the 30 day trial it worked fine. Now that I have a license when I go to scale a project from SU, the interior of my drawing turns purple. This happen when I open my template and insert my SU file. If I send my project straight from SU to LO and choose my template it works fine, but a peace of my template disappears and I have to reinsert. I am using an all white template in SU. I f any one has an idea please help. Thanks

If you share the LayOut file it’ll be much easier to help you.

Have you created a scene in SketchUp to use for the viewport in LayOut? Did you make sure the style is updated for the scene? Many questions but all would be easily resolved with the LayOut file in hand. If you don’t want to share the LayOut file publicly, send it via a private message and I’ll keep it private.

really new to SU and LO not sure what u need

Save the LayOut file with the SketchUp viewport showing the blue and upload that file.

and new to blogging

sorry much better talking then typing all this.

Possibly but that’s not really an option in an online forum.

@DaveR Has quite rightly suggested that you upload the offending file. To do that, use the icon shown below.