Scaling for 3D Printing

I am looking to take a 3D model from the warehouse and scale it from full size to a scale, i.e. 1’=1/4" or 1:48. I have been successful so far in using the tape measure tool with models I have drafted myself (reference line at 1’, re-size model so 1’=1/4") but this does not work with imported images. I have figured out the scale tool as so far as typing .5 while scaling will scale the model to half it’s size, and so on. However, I cannot wrap my head around the number to type in to get the desired ratio scale. Because it’s not the percentage of 1’, it’s of the entire model.

Please help.

Just do the math, Either take overall size or just pick a line.
Example: if overall model is say 24’ and you want it down to 18":
1.5’/24 = 0.0625
Scale your drawing to 0.0625 and you get:

Okay that makes sense,

But the issue is that I don’t know that I want 18"; I don’t know the overall desired size. I know I want every 1’ to equal 1/4". I need to know how to get to the starting point of that calculation, or to go another route.

You’ve downloaded the model you want right? Once you’ve downloaded the model, just measure an edge or draw a 12" line. You can use that as a reference to scale everything down to whatever size you want.

-Download the model
-Draw a 12" line
-Measure that 12" line
-Type in the size you want it to be (example 4")
-The model should then tell you that it’ll scale everything down, accept.

¼” = 12” scale is equivalent to .0208333333 : 1 scale
Simply divide .25 by 12

That method actually doesn’t work with imported images, but I understood what you said before and got it to work.

Thank you for your help!

To clarify for anyone referencing this in the future:
1/4"=0.25 and 1’=12"
12 / 0.25 = 0.0208333

Type that number when scaling to get 1/4"=1’, no matter the overall size of the model.

That will not work on components loaded from external sources.

12 / 0.25 = 48 :wink:

Really?..I never knew, nor tried. What if he explodes everything?

Yes. Sorry, got those flipped. Geo is exactly right. Thank you.

She could explode the component and any nested inside.
Whether that option is attractive or not depends upon the modeling situation.

One could open the component for editing and then use the Tape Measure to scale the active group.
But if there happen to be components nested inside; they will not be scaled.
You’ll get this…

One would need to scale those from within their editing context as well.
It’s quicker and easier to use the Scale tool.