Scaling about center and uniform

Somehow these seem the same to me, except nether does what I expect.

I have a wall with a 18" long shelf centered on the wall, I want to increase the length to 22.5" leaving it centered on the wall. No matter what I do the length increases to 22.5" (scale factor 1.25) and the center of the shelf shifts 2 1/4" to the left (I started the scaling on the left side of the shelf).

The top shelf was scaled uniform, the bottom was scaled about the center.
scale ctr.skp (33.2 KB)

I’m not at my computer so I can’t look at the SKP file. Are the shelves and the wall one lump of geometry or are they separate components or groups?

The shelves are component #2, the wall is component #1.

Are you opening the components for editing before scaling? I’m lost without my computer.

No, this is just a test to try and figure out what’s going on.

I’ll look when I get home

you need to use the modifier key to scale proportionally from the centre…

it seems you haven’t…


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That would be Ctrl on PC

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Also you need to hold Ctrl down whilst you are dragging green handles. unlike some modifier keys in other tools that just toggle on and off.

Thanks @josephkim626!

Hold the Ctrl key, drag the handles, let go, then enter the scale factor, whew.

And with the uniform scaling, following the same advice, everything gets scaled, length, height and width, how is that different from picking the diagonal handles?

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No difference. It just enables you to toggle Uniform scaling with any of the other handles, and to scale non-uniformly from the corner handles.