Scale using another object as reference to final size


Hello there, I have a shape which I want to make smaller by scaling/resizing and using another object which is the correct size as reference whilst scaling/resizing. In this example the circle is the correct size and I have selected the shape to be modified.

You would have thought it would be a simply case of just clicking the corner and then clicking on the circle edge to match the size.

Someone, please tell me that this Is this possible and how?

Also, I have seen some cases of people being able to input actual dimensions rather than a scale factor, how is this achieved?


I don’t think you can scale in the simple manner you envisage.

You can scale to a dimension by inputting a number followed by its units in the VCB. So, say the component had a diameter of 2000mm and you scaled it by a corner grip, you could enter 1000mm in the VCB and it would reduce it to measure 1000mm across its diagonal extents (you have to choose the diagonal grips to ensure its shape is maintained). Trouble is, in a 3D component, that is probably not a useful dimension.

If your element is a simple pill shape, the easiest thing to do would be to redraw it.


Does it make a difference if the object does not have a depth? If so, Is there a way I can flatten the shape to make this work?

I can’t understand why it does not appear possible to constrain overall proportions to snap to the edge of another shape, for anything other than simple shapes?


The corner handles are on the bounding box of the cilinder, so matching with the circle edge would give a smaller sized object. Pick the middle ones that are on the actual circumference. Check the statusbar on the bottom left, it displays modifier keys for the active tool. In this case I used the Ctrl for scaling ‘About Centre’

Also, turn on Hidden Geometry, it helps to see how things are built and makes the snapping easier.


Assuming it is a simple disc, you can flatten it by opening the component and using Push/Pull. It won’t help you with what you want to do though. @MikeWayzovski Has shown a neat, 2 stage way of doing what you want.


You can scale any object or combination of objects that uses more then one dimension in the cardinal drawing system (Original Axes)
In simple words, anything but lines along an Axe and (guide)points.

In this case, you can also use the Move-tool to move one of the cardinal points of the circle:

check here:


You can resize proportionally by using the tape tool.


What @Box shows. And if you make components, you can set the component’s original at the center and avoid having to move it after resizing.


The Tape Measurement tool is somewhat the same as the Scale tool with the Shift-modifier key:

no need to set origin axes


Wow guys, I am overwhelmed by all the responses. Thank you.

Perhaps the tape measure tool is the right one for me… Some of the tool names/functionality is surprising!