Scale Tool to Taper a Column

I’m trying to model some Doric order columns. I have SU Make, not Pro. I’ve seen videos where the top of the column is selected and the scale tool used to make the taper, but I must have missed something important. No matter what I’ve tried, the column will not taper. The column is a group item. Is that the problem?

Also, one of the videos mentioned using Fredo Scale tool. I could not find such a tool searching online. Will it work with SU Make? If so, where can I find it?

FredoScale | SketchUcation - It’s called Box Tapering.

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Thanks, Eric-s!

I found it and got it figured out. I didn’t know that the Fredo Scale tool was available in the native SU Make.

You need to open the group for editing. Either double click on it, or R-click and choose Edit Group. Then select the top and scale it to make the taper.

If you intend to use more than one column, you should make it a component, not a group. Indeed, even if you only intend to have one in the model, using components has an advantage over using groups - if you delete a component, it’s definition will still exist in the model and you can drag out another instance from the Component Browser. If you delete a Group, it’s gone.

Make, like Pro in this respect, enables the use of extensions. Most extensions can be found either in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation Plugin Store SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation