Scale Input

Could you please get rid of “writable” function of the Scale selector in Layout?



  1. It’s faulty–selection does not represent the true scale. It has to be clicked several times to get the right scale set.

  2. I work with Architects and builders and we almost never rely on Scale–I don’t even know where my scale rule is…

  3. It’s confusing!


Sorry but I don’t understand any of this.

You now have two options for scale. One is to choose from a drop down box. The other is to write in any scale you like. It cover all the bases. Speaking as a building designer, I would always want to have standard scales in the drop down box and to choose from them. They will then produce scale drawings that are correct.

As for never relying on scale, can that be right? Naturally, we designers don’t want people on site to be getting out scale rules in case the printing process has changed the scale. But if a builder has no other option, it is better than making things up. Also, here in the UK, planners and others require drawings to be to recognised scales.

I can only think I have misconstrued your real meaning.

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Are you refering to this issue:

Exactly! Whenever I select any pre-set scale, for example 1/2”:1’, it will change it to something else which my eye knows isn’t true, then I change it to 1/4”:1’ it does nothing (because it’s already at 1/4” scale) then I change it to 1/2” to get it at 1/2”:1’

It’s a hustle!

You’re contradicting yourself, my friend.

You perfectly understood what I said—you needn’t apologize.

Ok, now to what you said about the importance of scale.—

It’s alright with me to have user-specific scales, but being a person working with builders in UK, how often do you have to scale your drawings to 3/16”:1’ or 13:16”:1’ or even something berserk, say 3/64:2’???

My point is that, it’s the most useless feature to have a scale drop down menu that is also writable—meaning that users can write their own scale, say 23/64”:1’.

To make it fair, I suggest to have a setting in the preference to make this, or any other weird input form, optional.


Well, of course, being in the UK, we now use metric scales. I certainly don’t use the kind of scales that Layout uses when it first imports a SU drawing. As you say, that’s a bit berserk. But I do sometimes use non-standard scales like 1:25, basically for when what I would normally have at 1:20 is just a bit too big for the page. So if you don’t already have that in your default list, being able to write it in can be useful (or quicker than editing the defaults). I am slightly playing Devil’s advocate here because I agree that the current system is a little weird. But it is better (IMHO) than what went before.

I’m quite confused by this post. If you never use scales, then a scale input not working as expected shouldn’t be an issue, because you never use it.

You should be able to either type a scale or select one from the list. One shouldn’t in any way exclude the other. Personally I don’t think I’ve used the scale list a single time since I was able to just type “1:100” or whatever scale I want.

Am I understanding this correctly that there is a recent regression that has prevented picking a scale from the list? What LayOut version and operative system is being used?

Thanks for scraping the main important issue of my post and focusing on what I said about “who uses irregular scales anyway?”

I don’t know the name of the current version, but in the following version I want you to give me an option in the settings preferences to be able to have:

  1. enable or disable the ability to write a custom scale right off of the pre-set scale menu in LayOut.

  2. enable or disable the ability to Tag selections using the Entry Info.


If there is a bug that makes the dropdown not work in certain situations, that bug itself needs to be fixed. Having an option to hide the bug isn’t the right solution.

You can see the version if you go to Help > About Layout.


Alright, the version is 21.1.278.

Here’s a video of the issue… Dropbox - Video Oct 21, 7 13 47 - Simplify your life

But still, please work on the option I’ve suggested. It’s fair and I’m sure many will appreciate to have that option.

The video is not clear, instead use a screen capture app like LiceCap. It is FREE!

or check these ones in the other thread:

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If the bug is tracked down and fixed, is there any other reason to disable the keyboard input? I don’t see how that would get in the way if you chose not to use it.

I typically rely on standard scales that already come with the LayOut. Most architects also rely on these standards, and that is why I’m suggesting to give an option in the settings to enable and disable the keyboard input.

I want to see this option in the SketchUp app as well—that is, I want to have an option to enable/disable keyboard input in the Entry Info, where I can write the Tag name to automatically add it in the Tags list. I know you’ve disabled this option, because some users were accidentally tagging a selection to something else, but it would be really nice to have the choice to Tag my selections right off of the Entry Info dialog, because it’s so much quicker and easier for me.

I agree most people use the same small set of scale most of the time, but I still don’t follow what the problem is with entering freely. The list hasn’t been removed. I don’t understand what benefit there is to not being able to type “1:100” in addition to picking “1:100” in the list.

There were two reasons for this change. Partly it was because people accidentally typed in names for new tags when intending to activate shortcuts. That could perhaps also have been addressed by changing where the application focus is. However, this behavior only existed on Mac and I think the reasoning was that it wasn’t intentional, but related to the UI framework. I’m not sure of these details though as I didn’t work on this myself.

The reason why I don’t like the keyboard input for scale is that when I click on the drop down menu, it doesn’t expand the list of scales. So I have to move the mouse and click on the arrow down to show the list.

In the Styles dialog, under Styles, you have the same drop down arrow, but when you click anywhere on that input, say “Default Styles” it drops down the list of styles. This is how most of drop down in daily used apps are and this is how my muscle memory is used to.

I’m not used to clicking specifically on an arrow down button. I like to click anywhere within that area and see the list.

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I’m struggling to reproduce this bug. Could you make a screen recording where it is visible what you pick in the dropdown and what the result on the viewport is?

Are you seeing this with specific models or generally?

Mac only, probably

I’ve tried on Mac too and whatever I select from the dropdown is the scale that gets applied to the viewport.

For the record, having to press the arrow to show the dropdown is how LayOut has always worked on Windows. On Windows, the scale field was a text field even before parsing the text input was added as a feature. Prior to this, you could type but when you pressed Enter you just got an angry ding sound back. Only on the Mac version were you able to click anywhere on the field to expand the list.

Does it works with the file that’s posted in this post?