Scale Face to Target Area along with other faces in the same ratio

I am new to Sketchup and please bear with me if I ask some dump questions.

In a high level, I am trying to overlay properties’ boundary to Google map and calibrate to the actual scale. Property’s boundary is available on city’s website in Shapefile, Geojson and KLM formats.

The followings steps are what I am trying to achieve.

  1. Import shape files provided by the city into Sketchup
    I already accomplished this by using Spirix Code plugin (spirx_shapefile_importer) spirixcode - Spirix Code

  2. Scale the face (83 Craig St) to target area (845,342.89 sq.ft). The area might not be accurate as the source says lot measurement accuracy is low.
    I also accomplished this by using TIG’s plugin (TIG-scale_face) [Plugin] Scale Face to Target Area - TIG • sketchUcation • 1

  3. Scale the remaining face in the same ratio
    I am stuck here as the above plugin can’t scale the remaining faces together in the same ratio

  1. Align the shapefile with Google map by using add location feature
    The property address is 83 Craig Street, Brantford, ON, Canada
    I am not there yet, hopefully I can get to this step eventually.

I will provide dropbox link for required Shapefiles and Sketchup files in my response below. New users are limited to have 2 links per post.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I would make a note of the length of one of the edges of the properly scaled face.
Then undo the scale so everything is back to original size.
Then use the tape tool to resize everything according to the edge you measured.

You do this by clicking the tape tool at both ends of the edge, then type the size you want it to be (the one you noted earlier) and hit enter, if done correctly it will ask if you want to resize the model, say yes and everything should be scaled to that edge. (there can be issues with some geometry)

Thank you! I finally figured out how to achieve step 3.
Here is what I did.

  • I manually calculate the ratio = square root of (target area size/original area size)
  • Then I use the scale tool to scale the whole group with the ratio that I calculate above.

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