Recreating Property from Google Maps?

I’m working on a school project that involves developing a chemical facility on a plot of land. This is what we’re going to develop on Google Maps .

I’m wondering if it’s possible to replicate this property to as close to a 1:1 scale with the body of water and all. The buildings don’t have to be recreated but just the entire plot of land.

A quick go to your question.
Screen capture, import in your SKP file, then draw the different entities, roads, ponds, buildings in separate layers.
Only thing you need is a lengh or width of an element, road for example to put the drawing to your wanted scale. Hope this help.PLOT ROUGH.skp (2.1 MB)

If the map (geographic direction) is not by default aligned to the model’s axes, you will have to scale and rotate it at the same time (without doing inaccurate increments with Scale and Rotate). A useful tool for this is RotaScale. I use it to align a detailed ground plan on top of a satellite image or rough Trimble road map.

Thank you!