Saving requires folder


When saving a file, it looks like SketchUp for Schools requires users to save to a folder. I know having folders and a file structure is best practice, but many of our students haven’t setup their Google Drive with folders other than the Classroom folder that is created by Google Classroom.

Is this a known bug / problem? It’d be nice to be able to save to the root My Drive. Notice that the Select button is greyed out until you click on a folder.


This looks like the folder selector provided by the Google integration, nothing from SketchUp itself.
I am wondering why GDrive does not consider its root (/) to be a valid folder?

In the web version, the user has already given a name to the model (top right corner of SketchUp for Schools), so when saving SketchUp only needs to query a folder (thus a folder selector dialog). By contrast, in the desktop version a model does not contain its name (the name is the file name), and when saving SketchUp queries a file path (with a file selector dialog).

Possibly SketchUp for Schools could use a GDrive file selector dialog and then save a file to the root folder?