Isn't SUfS supposed to auto-create a "models" folder in GDrive?

In the tutorial videos it shows the narrator saving into a premade models folder but that hasn’t worked for me. I saved my work and then have had to go out of the app to then make my own folder and come back because I don’t see a way to make a new folder from the save dialogue. Any suggestions?

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So far as I know, SketchUp has never automatically created a models folder. However, on Mac the Save As dialog should contain a “New Folder” button at the bottom. Also you should be able to navigate the dialog to a different folder than what it opens by default (which tends to be wherever you last opened a skp).

Edit: my mistake! I overlooked that this is in the SketchUp for Schools category. The dialog there may well be different and the ability to create a new folder likewise.

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On windows it is a rightclick>new folder

Edit likewise @slbaumgartner

with Trimble Connect it seems to be there…

Keep in mind that this is one of the main ways that SketchUp (which uses your local computer hard drive to store models), SketchUp for Schools (which uses GSuite and Google Drive to store models) and my.SketchUp (which uses Trimble Connect to store your models) are different from one another.


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