Saving Layout Template Bug MacOS 14.4 can delete viewport

On a Mac running Sonoma 14.4 if you go to save a template and a viewport on the template is selected, you cannot give the template a custom name. And, if you hit delete while the save template dialog is open (e.g. to try to clear the template name field) you will delete the selected viewport. Not a critical bug, but something to be aware of.

This may be known, but I couldn’t find it.



well I tried on Ventura, can’t reproduce, so if it’s a bug, it might be a sonoma one (or a 14.4 one)

ping to @adam so he can check if it’s a 14.4 bog or else

Hmm… works for me on 23.1 on Sonoma 14.4. Any other ideas on why this might fail? Was it a folder you can write to? Mine saved to “~/…/SketchUp 2023/LayOut/Templates” which is shortened for
" ~/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2023/LayOut/Templates/". Try saving in another location?


I can’t seem to reproduce the problem in a basic template. Again, not a big deal, but it is weird.