Saving files in ".ipt" and ".iam" format



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Does anyone know how to convert or save sketchup files in “.ipt” and “.iam” format?

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The ADesk Inventor file format (IPT = Inventor ParTs / IAM = Inventor AsseMbly) cannot be exported by SketchUp, use the DWG format (SU Pro version only) instead.


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Luckily I have SketchUp Pro. I can open the DWG on AutoCAD and see it as a wire frame 3D object, but DWG in Inventor is a technical drawing. It is possible to convert a 2D drawing into a 3D object in Inventor, but you need 3 views. Additionally you lose surface material detail. Is there a way to petition Trimble to add “.ipt” and “.iam” formats in the export 3D model option?



When you export a 3D model from SketchUp to DWG, you get a full model. You are probably just viewing it in AutoCad in wireframe mode, but the faces are there as AutoCad polyface objects that will show up if you switch to a different display style. Material textures are the only thing not exported, for the simple reason that AutoCad doesn’t support them.



doesn’t make much sense because a) supporting native file formats of dedicated applications instead of common neutral file formats which can be used for a data exchange with every CAx application is much more expenditure for developing and maintaining and b) SketchUp is a mesh-based polygon modeler whereas CAD modelers as Inventor, SolidWorks, Alibre etc. are NURBS curves-based surface/solids modelers sothat the geometric data needs to be converted and not only the file format.


Thank you Anssi and Sketch3d_de