Saving a SketchUp 2014 file into SketchUp 2013

Hi all,
Meanwhile waiting to receive my new computer and install Sketchup Make can I ask someone to save a small Sketchup 2104 file into Sketchup 2013? I erase the latest version by mistake and is not available anymore.


Sure, Any number of people would happily do this for you, I’m sure.

Can you upload it here. or, is it a private matter requiring great delicacy?

Hi Jim,
No, nothing secretive, just my patio dimensions ans layout that I want to provided to my contractor.

Thanks so much
The file format is not allowed on this forum so I’ll send it to you by email

What are you trying to upload?
.skp is a normal attachment here.

I have sent you a dropbox link did you received it?

Unfortunately No, I’ve been checking and nothing has shown up yet.

Ok, I’ll send you a direct link through my servers if you don’t mind. It is going to be public but only you can send me the file back.

I saw your private message, but how do I reply to it? I am new to this forum.