Convert file from Sketchup2024 to Sketchup7 at least


I am currently using sketchup 2024, and I dont know if there is a good way to convert my file to Sketchup 7. I need to pass this to my professor but I used this in version 2024. Thank you!

Your professor is using SketchUp 7?? Thats odd, and very outdated. As of SketchUp 24 the ability to save as earlier versions has been removed. Your professor should be able to look at the 24 file using SketchUp free just like you.

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Hmmm. That is a odd request. I may have an old copy of SketchUp that can save to an that version on my computer at home but I am at the office today so I can’t actually access it until the weekend. Of course this would require you to share the file with me first. If you are willing to share the file I can try and get it done over the weekend but if you need it done sooner, you may need to look into other options.

I am curious though, why does your professor use such an old version of SketchUp Pro? While an answer to this is totally optional, knowing why a user is doing something like this helps us to better serve our users.