Saving a file on version 2017 from SU Pro2022

I was saving the file to version 2017 from SU Pro 2022 using save_copy method. It does saves and when reopened on v2022, it is working fine. Any suggestions? Do I need to save on a higher version instead ?

Refererence Link : save_copy intsance method

The thumb rule is the newer SketchUp always will be able to open older version of files without any issues.
But you can not natively open newer version file in older version of SketchUp, but from version 2021., SketchUp is able to open newer version as well.
Some new features (e.g. Tag Folders) cannot be “held” by ver 2017.
So, unless you need to keep compatibility (e.g. with other co-workers) better to save that version you are using.

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I’m not sure what the question is. Are you having a problem?

My concern is whether it affects/deletes any attributes on saving a file in such lower version.

As Dezmo said it purges the features that do not exist in the 2017 version, such as Tag Folders. Custom attributes should still work.

You can try yourself with a few models and check the SketchUp release notes to see exactly what features have been added.

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Release Notes | SketchUp Help

File: Release Notes — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

Just in case… :innocent: