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Every time I try to save a file in Sketchup Pro 18, I get an dialog box telling me the file has been modified by another program since I opened. Do I really want to save my file in Sketchup.

How can I fix this?

That’s very odd. I’ve never seen that. You can always do “Save As…” and save it as a new file with a new name, but something’s not right with what’s going on, I would say.

Well,I have just been hitting “Save Anyway” and the file gets saved where I want it. Have no idea what the other program is that supposedly is editing the file. I certainly am not using another program to edit the file. Don’t really know of one that can.

If not installed correctly, that other app could be SketchUp itself!
How do you open the model, by double clicking?
What happens if you open another model without closing the current, does it add a new icon on the dock?

Good thoughts, Mike
I usually open documents either with the “Recent” menu item or via a search.
I only have one sketchup icon in the doc, even when I have several files open.
There is a copy of Sketchup 2017 on my machine. Will delete that & see what happens.

Thanks for the ideas

Could it be related to this bug that I haven’t seen mentioned for quite a while.

Are you saving to a local disk or a cloud based service? It’s better to save to your hard disk, then copy to e.g. Dropbox when you’re finished or want to share it. Working straight from Dropbox can cause problems, especially if it is in a shared folder and someone else opens it while you’re working on it.

Do you have any extensions installed that could be saving your SketchUp model? I think Fredo’s Animator does this, so there could be others.

There was no need to delete SketchUp 2017. You can have multiple versions installed without problems. If you didn’t start it up, then the program won’t be running.

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Using Mac version. Probably not the issue.
Curiously, this just started after I installed Sketchup Pro 2018

I do have 2 extensions that should be updated, Trimble Connect & STL Import & Export, both signed. When I try to update them, I get a “Failed to update (name of extension). Unable to complete Download” message.

I see this message when using certain extensions, such as @Fredo6’s fabulous Animator, that perform a Save operation themselves. If the extension has done a Save, then the next time that I manually request a Save via the File menu item, I get that warning. I usually tell SketchUp that yes, I really want to save - and thus let SketchUP perform another redundant save.

I have the same problem with Trimble Connect, but I think you can get rid of STL with Pro 2018 as they have been included in the base program now, correct?

For Trimble connect:

Goto [Window]>Extension Warehouse instead of ‘manager’ , log in and search for the Trimble Connect 2.0. Update from there

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