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Just wondering if there are any plans to add a “Save Selected” option in future versions? This is something I constantly wish was available instead of Copying and Pasting into a new file.

Just to better understand the request, what part of the copy,new,paste workflow are you most interested in avoiding. Or is it just that the resulting saved file would already have a file name?

Also just to be sure, you are aware that you can use Save as with a component from the context menu, or save multiple components to a library from the Component browser.

Trimble policy is to not disclose future plans.

It already exists, but you have to make the selection a component first.

Ok, thanks. That makes sense.

To me it just seems slower to copy and paste into a new file than to export directly to a unique file. Most modeling software have this function which I find useful, so thought it would be a nice addition.

Yes I know about save component function, but this loses the global positioning. Also I usually need to save groups out, which don’t have this feature.

Ya, this is a nice feature, but not ideal for my situation.

I don’t know what you would use export selection for. A component is a representation of an embedded sketchup model. It has its own coordinate system. It has attributes such as whether it should face the camera and what it should snap to when the external file is again loaded into a model. Anyhow, you could just make a component, export and undo make component and the result is the same.

You can set the positioning by clicking the “Set Component Axis” button in the Create Component dialog. Just click the origin, then set the red axis to the red axis, green to green.

Ok I get that I guess, but with keyboard shortcuts I can copy a selection, open a new file, and paste in place (preserves position relative to origin) and then save in less than a few seconds. Feels pretty quick.

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Yes I’ve used this as a workaround before, but still I think it’s much better to have a simple save selected option. Especially since most software have this feature as standard. Also some files I work with are so bloated from Revit or CAD imports that saving a simple component results in major freezes. Thanks for reply though!

There is a free plug-in that lets you cycle through your selection. Look up Thomas Thomassen at the Extension Store.

Plugin information

PLUGIN_ID = ‘TT_LayerTools’.freeze
PLUGIN_NAME = ‘Layer Tools’.freeze
PLUGIN_VERSION = ‘1.1.0’.freeze
Thomas Thomassen


The only disadvantage is that once you get in, it does not remember your previous selection and is good for this session until you end Sketch-Up. I hear you and wish for the same thing to store the info onto some data file and used on a “as needed” basis.

I’ve done what you describe many times myself and it’s definitely not as quick when you have really heavy models. You are essentially using three steps that could just be one. It’s a minor thing, but when you do this all day everyday it’s nice to streamline these processes.

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Thanks for the tip… but doesn’t seem quite what I’m thinking. Current copy paste work arounds are fine, just trying to suggest a simple improvement for future versions. Cheers!

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