Exported Selected to SKP?


I wonder how I can export selected to another SKP file?

Somtimes when working with a team and complex models, I delegate just some part of the model, and thus I don’t need to share the entire file but instead just a part of it.


Right click > Make Component
Right click one that new component > Save as… (SKP file)

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Thanks, but I noticed this does not keep current position?

I often just copy, and then paste in place in a new document, that preserves registration with the origin. Easy on Mac with multiple document windows open, but I believe on Windows you run multiple instances of the program to get the same effect?

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Didn’t quite get how its different on Mac, but I do something similar in Windows and it is quite time consuming sometimes and cumbersome.

I need to launch the application multiple times, as it does not support multiple windows.


Copying and pasting from one file to another can take really long times when working with big models or meshes.

A simple set


Oh, that’s true: you can force the component’s origin to coincide with the file’s origin. Great idea.

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