Save error when working with icloud file

After latest update I’m facing problems when resaving files opened directly from icloud files. Save Error message is appering several times per day. Only possible way to baypass it is to quit file and select save as copy, then export back to icloud.

Saving directly to the cloud is probably the most common reason for file corruption. It is not a SketchUp bug. Writing large files through the Internet is much slower and more prone to errors than writing to a local harddrive. So don’t do that.

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I am working only with icloud files from day sketchup for Ipad was released. I am switching back and forth between sketchup for mac and ipad with file sizes from 10mb to 200mb with no single issue till last update. Latest file I am working on is only 13mb, i learned to be effective as possible with resources.

Kind Regards Jan

Do you have the same issue when you save locally or to Trimble Connect?

I never used local files so i cant say.

I tried to modify and resave same file on local and i can’t replicate the issue. Interesting is that original file on icloud is not corrupted in any way.

I can confirm that bug is stil persistent after latest update.