Constant 'Failed to save document' error, file totally ruined?

I know this is fairly commonly reported issue but I am now totally stuck as I cannot save my file at all!

The error started happening now and then recently with the file but is now consisitent so I can’t add into and save the file at all. I was initially saving to iCloud, but have since tried saving to various places on my HD whilst aligning the model path under the file lcoations tab in preferences. No joy. Pretty sick of how flakey sketchup still is considering it’s not as cheap as it used to be years ago…

Using Sketchup Pro 2020, also with Enscape 3.1.

Can you save as with a different name?

And if so can you open that different named file and save it?

I use Google Drive to backup my files and can access multiple saved previous versions.

Does iCloud do something similar - are you able to open a previous version?

Sometimes the sketchup file gets corrupted. It’s very rare, but not impossible.

To overcome this issue, select everything in your model, Create a Component, and then right-click the Component and “Save Component As”, then specify a new file name and path.

If that fails, try smaller pieces of the model.

Or you can just use copy and paste to paste that model into a new sketchup file (open two at once).

By the way…
I dont know what iCloud is exactly, but SketchUp and LayOut have always struggled with saving & opening directly from a non-local drive.
Anything drive that is prone to network interruption, USB power interruption, etc, is more likley to become corrupt.