"Save as" Components and Layers

I am trying to organize my library of components. I thought I would take it one step further and organize the common layers I use with each component.
Everything seems to work when I save a component and its assigned layer. When I bring that component into a new drawing the assigned layer shows up and works properly in the layer window. But the entity window with the component name shows the component at the default layer 0.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a reason for this I am not aware of?

Let us say you have a table component. The component file itself contains no raw geometry (lines and faces) only groups and components
A group can be the table top, assigned to a the layer ‘top’
Legs can be components (for there are multiple) assigned to layer ‘legs’
When inserting in another model, you allready have your basic layers.

Component files that have more then one entity (be it raw geometry or groups/components etc) get a ‘wrapper’ when inserted (component definition)
If you have some sort of template with your most used layers in it, importing these kind of components and while selected, immediately assign it to the right layer is not much of a deal. If you copy the component that is now in your model ( not inserting from the component panel) the copies get the right assignment as well.

If you wrap the whole table (all groups and components) in one component and assign that to a layer called ‘table’,
Inserting and exploding that component would result in the proper assignment of the table component in your ‘main’ model
This sort of double wrapping is not uncommon when working with components, you should be constantly aware in what context you are, (eg. Main model, component file etc.)