Sandbox tool on imported DWG

Hi, I imported a dwg with height curves and a road. Used the sandbox tool to create the terrain and the road face, and then draped the road onto the terrain.

Is it possible to get the road smoother? I tried soften in different ways with no succés.

Maybe there is a way to make the road thicker and try to smooth it out that way.

Any ideas are welcome

Road and terrain frpm DWG.skp (1013.1 KB)

You could not drape it on the terrain, at least not directly. Create it separately and then conform it over the terrain.

Depending on the level of detail and smoothness, you have control over the road (and terrain).

Looks nice. But I can´t really follow what you are doing and what tools you are using?


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I just showed you that it can be done and you can get the desired result, but for that you need to document yourself. As I wrote in the first answer, create the road separate from the terrain.

YouTube search: