Sandbox/Terrain from Scratch - Continuous Spinning Wheel

Brand new to terrain. >Sandbox >from scratch. Entered first dimension, 50’. The dragged for 2nd dimension, 75’. Thinking spinning wheel began and will not stop. Can do nothing but watch. No other tools work. Closed SKP 3 times and began again with same result.
Now what to do?

Hi Debbie,

What was Grid Spacing set to?

50’ x 75’ = overall dimensions. BUT, with a tight grid spacing SU could still be taxed pretty heavily in terms of workload and generating all of the sub-divisions of the terrain.

My 2nd question might be the one that gets me in trouble, but I have to ask. . . How Patient were you while the spinning wheel was doing all it’s thinking?

Did you at least give it a solid minute or so?.. or were you looking to shut down things a bit sooner than that.

Approximately, How long did you let it work before closing down the program?

. . . I’m still hedging my assumptions here on the possibilities that you had a pretty small ‘grid spacing’ value… and it might have taken some time to complete — depending upon your computers power, and it’s ability to handle large calculations.

Try again, but work your way UP to what you had before. which is to say start off by making a smaller grid, and use a big grid spacing value, something close to 1’.

It will be good to know if you can actually make something of any size. After some level of success then build it again a little larger. . . and see where you can take things before you start getting into unreasonable wait times.

At some point this becomes a number game where a really powerful computer will push through all this stuff at record speeds, while others take a lot longer.

I’m not sure of your computer specs, so adding those in should help to fill out the story here… In terms of expectations in performance, and reasonable wait times.

Knowing the graphics card is also important.

Take Care,