Sandbox Question for Make 2017

After a couple of years using the free version for my woodworking projects I thought I’d have a dabble with some of the other tools, namely Sandbox. I’ve seen Aaron use it when modelling the coal tender and watched the 3 Square one videos and am happy with the basics of it.

My question is, can you resize the mesh within its group or do I need to start again, e.g. changing from a 500mm mesh to a 200mm one to reduce the angularity results in a given space? I have tried various methods with no result!

Many thanks.

Use the Add Detail tool to create smaller triangles.

If you want t specify the mesh size you’d need to either scale the mesh or start over.

Thanks Dave - I knew I could rely on you, Box or the other gurus to reply. Do you ever sleep?


Not a whole lot.

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