Sandbox from scratch won't create a grid

Hi. When I select the SketchUp for Scratch tool I can click to start the grid but subsequent clicks don’t do anything. Occasionally, if I keep clicking, I manage to create a single square (not a grid) but this seems to happen randomly (at least I can’t recreate it). Can anyone advise what I can do please?

I made this only yesterday.

Hi Box
Thanks for this. I have solved my problem!!
But you had more useful stuff on your video that I can’t understand because I can’t get any sound. Is there sound?
Thanks for such quick help!! :slight_smile:

No, there is no sound. What part isn’t clear?

I wasn’t quite sure what you were explaining just after you formed the grid. Also, I can’t see the Soft window on my screen. However, when you started manipulating the grid, that made sense.
Thanks again for your help.