Same Dimensions = Different results [ EQUATION ]


So, I have come up to a problem where the exact same values give a different result and its messing up my equations. I did try to round the size to get more precision but it doesnt seem to work.

As you can see from the picture(open it in a new tab to see clearly).

Dimensions are identicals
Equations are identicals
Results are different.

Why? If you dont know, how could I find what the problem with it? Thanks for the help.

PS: I can’t share the sketchup file unfortunatly.

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Lenx, leny and lenz may look equal but there is far from enough precision to make such a conclusion.
Measure the model to see the actual values.

I wish the dimensions would have been wrong, at least I would of know what to try to fix. :tired_face:

There is really something odd going on, its only two rows that are bugged despite having the exact same equations. I made equations to get the surface area and individually they have the exact same surface areas, but when I put them all together the results are wrong for these two affected rows.

As you have seen from the first picture, row number 4 is wrong. You dont see it anywhere but row number 1 have the same problem. I did notice that one of the panel was not unique, and I corrected it before starting to work on it and also changed its name but I think there is still some confusion in the software regarding that, it may be the issue. I will investigate that and update this thread when I will find the solution.

Thanks for the help once again.

Alright, so the issue was indeed the faulty panel that was a copy of another panel from row 1. But unfortunatly I missed it when I turned everything UNIQUE. So, some of the equations carrier over or were edited on both panels even though they were supposed to be different.

Indeed, if you do make copies without making sure to right click to make it unique, then whatever change you will do, will carry over to the initial object.

So yeah, its fixed. Thanks all, good day! :laughing:

Thanks for sharing the solution, your problem helped me a lot !!!