Running Dimensions in Layout

I call that a string line dimension, but I can’t get layout to do that. A base line dimension is when the dimensions keep adding up. Please tell me how you get layout to do what you are showing.

After I put in the first dimension, I double click on the next point and the dimension is placed automatically. Rinse and repeat.

Okay, I see double click on the next point. thanks Again. DaveR

I agree with the double arrowheads being deceptive, i was illustrating the cumulative values. to achieve this effectively in Layout you have to do some very tedious work. i’m looking for a future tool or modified dimension tool that has this functionality built in.

The feature request has been made so maybe it’ll happen in LayOut.

Yes it has, i think the idea is clear enough. i wonder if its possible to build this with the C API . . .

This is what i would like very much Please.
FIG. 1-49 Just select a start point then click points along the way and it would automatically align in the proper direction adding in the dimensions.

And as Anssi has said, the correct term is ordinate dimensions.

Google image search: “ordinate dimensioning” for some examples.



Why not? Seems like a basis dimensioning tool Layout/SketchUp should have, n’est-ce pas?

I agree with @Gully_Foyle and @Joesketch and that SU team should consider addition of “Ordinate Dimensions” to LO in conformance with ASME Y14.5. As I am not that familiar with this type of dimensioning, I undertook a quick Google Image search and found this method to be a widely accepted practice (including by AutoCAD and Solidworks). Glad to learn a little more about mechanical engineering.

For structural steel detailing, this is what I need badly. Ordinate dimensioning but without all the arrows and leaders.


Please add ordinate dimensions