Ruby console in LayOut 2019 not working

But when I open LayOut by “Send to LayOut” from SketchUp it working. Is this a bug?


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In addition to what is working, could you describe what is not working?
(In which program? Precisely step by step?)

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This seems a bit weird, as so far as I know there is no Ruby Console in LayOut, only in SketchUp. How are you opening that Ruby Console? Perhaps while in SketchUp before invoking “Send to LayOut”?

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The screenshot clearly shows the Layout icon in the titlebar of the Ruby Console. If such tools exist for SketchUp employees, they are not supposed to be accessible (or used) by end users. It is not an official feature and should not be visible to you. How did you open it?

In 2019, I found it in Shortcuts

I strongly suspect that is an inadvertent leak of something the developers were working with that isn’t functional yet in the released version.


And open LayOut by “Send to LayOut”. By this way, I found it from version 2018

I use version 2018. I got similar results by clicking on “Send to LayOut” within SketchUp. Extensions drop-down menu and Ruby Console shortcut in Preferences don’t show up if LayOut is started up directly.
I would agree with slbaumgartner.

Hi @voquochai,

@slbaumgartner and @Aerilius are correct; this is currently supposed to be available internally only as we prepare LayOut for extensions. LayOut extensions are unfortunately still a ways away from being ready for prime time, but feel free to play around with the ruby console while it’s still available.



Thanks for the information!

Layout Console access via “Send To Layout” or keyboard shortcuts does not seem to be available on Mac. :disappointed_relieved:

Doesn’t matter much anyway … ie …

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