Progress on LayOut API?!

Any progress on extensions for LayOut? Or, ruby script developed with the LayOut API will/would be installed into SketchUp?
Also, any tutorials on YouTube or online in general for the LayOut API?

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Sorry! I am new to the forum and unsure about the best category in which to post this set of questions. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

DaveR has moved the original post from the LayOut category to the Ruby API category. He told me that API questions should go under the API category.

The progress is what has been released and documented in the API dictionary …

These extensions run within the SketchUp process and work upon .layout files (new or existing,) but it is not (yet) a “live API” that can run within a LayOut application process. (Ie, so such extensions cannot interact with the LayOut GUI for example.)

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For context:
I didn’t do well when I took computer programming at university. However, for a few years now my personal computer has been running the Linux Ubuntu operating system that I installed myself.
My work computer runs Windows 10 and has SketchUp & LayOut on it.

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If I understand correctly, the LayOut API can only be used within SketchUp. How far out is ruby script (extensions) within LayOut itself?

In a rare departure from their usual secrecy, Trimble has admitted that a Ruby API in LayOut is a goal. But more characteristically they have said nothing about plans, status or progress toward that goal. We’ll all find out about it when they release it.