Round corner help

I’m trying to make a sphere with 6 circlular holes in it with round edges. What would be the proper workflow?

The top works great, but the sides won’t round corner.

I could intersect a plane with each hole to give round corner a flat surface to work with, but I really want a perfect sphere without obvious segmentation.

Have you tried Fredo’s new “round corner” plugin - its called Fredo Corner ?

Fredo Corner worked great on a box without any errors, but I got this error message when trying to round the tough edge. I have the latest LibFredo and restarted SketchUp twice.


Clarification… like 15 pop up errors.

I used a plane for using round corner, but it makes the render less smooth… Even when the material is smooth, the lighting looks a bit faceted.

I like the new extension though. Error messages aside, it’s really nice.

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