Round Corner Display Problem

Hi there,

I seem to be having a problem and would like some help, please.

The display of the round corner extension isn’t showing properly.

When I click on one of the three icons to bring to the top left-hand top corner menu. However, it only shows only part of the popup menu and I can’t access any of the buttons on it.

I would show you an image but I can’t find to attach.

Install the latest LibFredo6

Thanks dude.

Here’s an image I’ll let you know now how I get on.

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I had the same problem with some fredo extensions, it was fixed when I uninstalled and installed them again.

The solution given by @mihai.s is based on the direction given by the author himself. With Fredo6’s paid extensions it’s important to stay up to date with LibFredo6 as well as the Sketchucation Extension Store tool.

Hi thanks for this. I’ll do just hat. Have a great new year.


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