Rotating in LO, horizontally or vertically

Given a line in LO, which is at an unknown angle, what is the best way to rotate it, and any other elements that are in the same group, so that the end result perfectly aligned with the x axis?

I know this way. It works well for simple things like text and objects constructed on axis. Not so easy when things get grouped or have been constructed off axis in the first place.


As Simon shows, I limit my rotating to align to text and to objects created with the rectangle tool.

The only other time I rotate to align is if I have an OS location plan (as a group) that I want to align along the x-y axes north. For this I set the angular dimension tool to it’s maximum accuracy, draw a line along x or y that connects to a line in the location plan and then measure the angle. This is then the angle to rotate the location plan group