Rotating a group to align a specific plane to a known red/grn/blu axis


Just re-found SKUP (after some 6 - 7 years away) and just joined the forum, so apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place or should this topic have been covered before (I searched and don’t think it has, but just in case !).

I have a domed object that I cut a hole in. Just before cutting the hole I copied the faces I was about to cut and greeted a group out of them. So, I now have a dome with a hole in it and its matching ‘plug’, if you like, that came from the hole ! Easy.

I now want to place the ‘plug’ so that it lies ‘flat’ on the red/grn plane.
Being from a domed object the ‘plug’ is angled / squiff to all axes. I have ‘filled’ in the back / reverse side of my ‘plug’ so that there is one perfectly flat side / surface.
How would I rotate this (flat) side to, say the reg/grn plane please ?

I can rotate but I wondered if there was a way to select, say, the flat surface and then select another surface and have SKUP align the two automatically.

I’m using SKUP Make (both 2016 / 2017 - can’t quite get my plugin/extensions to migrate from 2016 to 2017 yet, hence my using both) and am 3D printing my design (hence the reason to be able to set one surface of my design to the red/grn plane - the printer bed).

Anyone able to help me please ? Or do I simply need to persevere with the rotate tool ?

Thanks in advance.


It’s hard to tell you exactly without seeing the SKP file (not a screen shot of it) but I expect all you need is proper application of the Rotate tool.

As for migrating plugins/extensions from SU2016 to SU2017, don’t! Just install them fresh from their sources. That will head off a host of issues for you.


Dome Panels-1x10 V1.skp (227.6 KB)

Hope this helps and thanks for such a quick response.

You’ll see there are two grouped items (floating) and a rectangle (on the red/grn plane).
I’m trying to align the back (concave) sides of the groups with the red/grn plane rectangle.
I do not need the / want the rectangle; it is there simply for my reference during alignment.
The semi-flat (larger group of the two) is where I’ve gotten to so far but my way (using the rotate tool) is a very iterative approach. What am I doing wrong / what should I be doing please ?

Again, many thanks.


You could do this with the Rotate tool but the fastest way from the git-go would be to have made that a component and set its axes to align with the part correctly. Then just bring a new copy of it in from the In Model components library.

Note the green axis runs up length of the component.

When the new instance is dragged in from the Components window, it just lays down flat on the ground plane.

Try it for yourself in this SKP.
Dome Panels-1x10 V1.skp (239.6 KB)

If you really have to leave it as a group, you could use inferencing off the geometry to set the axis of rotation or you could place guidelines with the Tape Measure tool to guide the Rotate tool.


You Sir, are a god of the SKUP world !
Thanks a million. Just went and looked up ‘Setting Axes’ for a component and then in general and after two tutorials (general and component) I have it !!
Thanks a million.
I’m always hesitant to post, in this case I am so pleased I did. Thank you, again !


Thank you!

FWIW, I almost never find any need to change the model axes. If you do move them, remember to reset them after you’ve managed to do what you needed to do. Having them misaligned with the “world” has caused untold suffering for many users. Well, at least it can make things difficult later. :wink: