Rotate with new mouse in iMac with OS 14.4.1

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I bought a new Mac with OS 14.4.1 and I uploaded SketchUp 2024. In a way this makes things much more simple & means that I will not be contacting the forum as often. It also means I may have some major questions created by the differences.

For instance, with my old system I would hold down the scrolling wheel and move my mouse to rotate my screen. With the new wireless mouse, I cannot rotate my screen by holding down the centre of the mouse. So, how do I rotate my screen with the wireless mouse?

Peter Enns

I will leave it to the mac users to help you further, but I will point out that your issues in all your previous posts are not hardware related. You would advance more quickly if you invested the hardware money in an actual skin and bone teacher. You need someone to poke you in the ribs and say, no, this way not that way. Many of us have tried repeatedly…

does your new mouse have a physical wheel that you can click, or is it a fully tactile one ?

basically that

if so, you got the worst mouse you could ever get for CAD software. because it has no wheel and you can’t click on it.
it looks great, for most office and day to day stuff it’s ok, but 3d modelling isn’t day to day stuff, it’s pro use. and for that you’ll need a mouse with an actual wheel.

so you have 3 options.

  • keep using this one, and learn the shortcut for orbit (o) and panorama (h) because you can’t get them through the wheel anymore.
  • next time you’re at the supermarket or a cheap store, look for a 10€ mouse. nothing fancy, just make sure it has a wheel you can click. and use it when you do 3d stuff.
  • your apple mouse is brand new, you can certainly resell it. and buy a proper mouse. logitech is a quality brand that many around here use, there are more. for years I had a simple microsoft one. must have cost me 20-30€

off course, if you still have your old mouse that had the wheel, use it.

You can also press Ctrl+Cmd while pressing left click button

I love my Magic Mouse for lots of things. Working in SketchUp is not one of them.

Buy a proper 3 button mouse with scroll wheel.

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Thank you for your comments. The “Ctrl+Cmd while pressing left click button” thing works. I think I’ll use that for a while. However, I will keep my old mouse on top of my desk in case I have more problems with 3D animation.

Peter Enns

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When I bough my iMac 24" in 2006, it came with a magic mouse.

As soon as I installed SketchUp on this Mac, I bough a Logitech 3 buttons bluetooth mouse with a dongle that I plugged in a USB port.

I used that mouse later on my 2011 16" Macbook Pro without problem.

Then, for my 2017 Macbook Pro, I upgraded that old mouse with a Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. It uses Bluetooth without any dongle. This mouse works superbly with SketchUp.

I don’t do any advertisement for Logitech but after discovering this mouse, I can only write that it is the perfect companion for SketchUp.

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