Rotate parallel to camera?

To create plans I want to position the camera so that the 3D model looks good and then position the front, top and side views around it. To place them so they show best I need to put them parallel to the camera. Is there a method/plugin to do this? Probably by rotating a selection to be parallel to the camera. (I can put the plans on one of the planes and rotate the model, but since I’m working on the model it’ll be more awkward if I want to make changes to it and also fiddling with rotation is trickier than positioning the camera)

You can use Thomthoms camera tools to roll the camera view…

Then make scenes so you can return to the specific views, and send them to layout.

I’m not sure if Thomthoms camera tools can snap to the geometry or if it requires a visual estimate.

I’ve made a small plugin just for this. If you locate the camera for the corresponding front view (rigth click face > align view) you can run the plugin to get a top view that is aligned to that front view.


I don’t have Pro

Thanks all for your replies, but they don’t assist my use case, so let me try to rephrase.

First, I don’t have Pro, so no Layout. What I’m trying to do is mimic it.

Say I have a component. Theoretically, if I can copy it 3 times and position the copies to show the top, front and side, then when I work on the component, the copies will automatically show the changes. Basically something like this:

But my problem is, after I’ve rotated the camera to show the 3d view of the component at the best angle, how can I position the copies?

An alternative is to click the top view, copy, position below, rotate 90 degrees to show front, position next to it, rotate 90 degrees to show the side, position next to it, and rotate by 30 degrees of each side to show the 3d view. The problem is that this works only for the component as a whole. Now what happens if I want to show a section cut or something like that?

Something like this?

sectionview_compcopy.skp (31.0 KB)

Note the comma in my reply. ‘and send them to layout’ doesn’t stop you making scenes of your specific views.
You can continue to model and do what you like and still one click back to the views you want.

but my question was how to position elements in the same view, so I can print them.

Cotty has given you a model, not an extension.

yeah, guess i was too much in a ‘tunnel vision’, this is the alternative i suggested and indeed can work with section views as well

Like always @eneroth3 , you saved me, thank you!