Rotate image imported from Warehouse

Hello everyone.This is my VERY first post in this forum. Being a newby I hope I do not make a fool of myself.
I am trying to design a reach-in closet from by bedroom. I imported a TV image from the warehouse and now I am struggling to rotate it so that it will fit in my design.
the image comes at an angle. I would like to totate it, but whatever I do I am not succeeding. I try using the ROTATE tool, but I have access only to the Green and Black protractor. The image needs to be rotate by a number of degrees around the Blue axis.
How do I do it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Follow this link and scroll down to the last section. It will explain the tool and has a video to go with it. One thing to remember is with the first click when you place the protractor. DONT release the left mouse button. While still depressed orient to the colored axis lines, to position it to the plane you want it to rotate to. It takes a bit of finagling. Once you aligned to the plane (color) you want, release the button. Your next click sets rotation at zero then rotate or type in the amount of degrees in the VCB to set the angle you want…Peace…

By image do you mean component?

Have you tried rotating it with the Move tool.

If you want to use the Rotate tool, lock it’s rotation around the blue axis with the Up Arrow cursor key.