Rotate 90 degrees and push pull all the letters (issue)

This is the reason why I took a long break from Sketchup. I’m so dense, I seem to never be able to stand-up a design and the surrounding wall on the red axis. Is there an easy way. I’m stumped and frustrated. It’s probably so simple I should have know, but I don’t know how to do this. I need this featuire often. Thankyou in advance as always, it’s nice to have pros on my side.


Look at your model from the side, select the Rotate tool and point somewhere up from the ground. The protractor should look red. Hold down the shift key to lock it to the red axis, then click on the near left corner of your model, then the near right corner, and you should be able to rotate the model to be upright.

I think you’d finish sooner if you use 3D Text Tool.

Anyway … I think you have to redraw some of the edges.
You can use right arrow key while using the rotating tool.

EDIT to add more information:

When you are going to use the protactor to rotate you can use the follow arrow keys:

  • Left arrow key: rotate around the green axis.
  • Up arrow key: rotate around the blue axis.
  • Right arrow key: rotate around the red axis.

You need to explode the bitmap before you can edit it, right click and choose explode.

The shapes edges looks closed but there aren’t any face, to build a face again to need to redraw some of the edges. You can look the endpoints checking the endpoint box to help you.

Anyway I think you’ll get a faster result if you use the 3D Text tool or even this extension

You maybe interested in this another one thread:

There was something odd about the W in warehouse and wines, but I fixed it. Here’s the model, upright, and ready for you to pull out the letters as much as you want.liquorwarehouse.skp (496.4 KB)

Colin…This is the lettering and arrow…I am making a sketch so the
customer can see what the ATM letters will like on his already existing
letters (the big letters above that is). My next part is to push pull all
of the letters (and the arrow too) at the same time so they are all the
same depth. If they are welded to the rectangle beneath them it will be
easier to “mount them” on the building wall. Any ideas? I appreciate the
help. Wish I could use SU more but I have trouble understanding geometry.


Ready for push pull.skp (330 KB)

I moved your arrow into the file that I gave you before, that already has all of the faces ready to pull (your one has no faces).

liquorwarehousewitharrow.skp (550.4 KB)

I don’t know of a built in way to pull more than one face at a time (there may be extensions that do that), but you can pull one face to the amount you need, then double click on other faces to make them pull up to the same amount. It wouldn’t take long to do all the faces in your model.

@colin, how did you build the faces to make possible to push/pull the letters?
I mean, did you redraw one of the edges of every single letter?
Thank you.

That is the usual way, but would have been a bit tedious! I made a block and extended it through the 2D outlines, selected everything and did an intersect faces. I deleted the block and it left the lettering with faces. I still had to go in and delete the middle of some letters, and the W was a problem, I had to draw triangles in it to reconstruct the face.

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Interesting, that looks smarter :slight_smile:

Hi David…I drew a disectional line through each letter, then used the
eraser to remove…making the letters pushpullable…I’m still
struggling tho for sure. Thankyou for your interest.


If you plan on doing this sort of thing often, this plugin may be of use to create the faces. I know the face creation can be tedious but with this plugin available from Sketchucation, you can create multiple faces at once, with just a single click.

Heres an example of running it on your text, I don’t delete all the unwanted faces but the idea is there…

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I did get to a rather sloppy model, but ran out of time, so I had to wing
it with this model (attached)… He actually loved it. Surprising. Anyway, I
have been having trouble with the paint bucket…I always just clicked on
it, selected a color or texture, and bam whatever I clicked on responded.
Now when I click on the PB tool, it looks really different and choices are
very slim. Is there a way to reset the paintbucket back to the way it’s
supposed to be? I looked all over youtube, but all the tutoriuals cover the
PB as a working entity…Do you have any suggestions? Any advice will save
me a ton of trying. In this design, I need to paint the arrow and the 24 HR
ATM red, but can’t seem to do it. Thanks in advance.


George-SKP-27 Sept. 2017.skp (3 MB)

My English is poor so I didn’t understand it all.
A screenshot of what you see and another one of what you expect to see would help.
You maybe find interesting LICEcap to record a little portion of your screen as a .gif file you can attach here on your future posts.

Something like this should happen when you click on Paint Bucket tool.


You can also smooth and soft the edges using the eraser tool (the default keyboard shortcut is the “e” key at the same time you hold down ctrl key as modifier) but I’d like you be able to do that by yourself.


You can click here to get the .skp file with ATM 24 in red.

Let me know if there is something wrong or if you need more help.

Edited to add a comment: I forgot to paint the arrow, but I think you probably can do it.

David, A big THANKYOU for your help. I do have a Dropbox account but
don’t know how to get it into SU. Your video files are awesome.
Unbelievable… I would be happy to compensate you for your help and
advice. I gave up on SU for a year or so because I was plagued with
insurmountable issues and kinks in the fabric of the software.But now I am
back and fresh in mind, and hoping to conquer this modeling business. With
people like you, it’s such a pleasure.


You’re welcome, I’m learning too, I try to learn a little by little, what people answer others can be useful for me too so I try to read (I usualy don’t read all the text, I just see what people ask, I evaluate if it’s something insteresting for me or if it’s something in which I can help). For example, I didn’t do any try with rendering or LayOut program so I cannot help in those conversations but I read the title and if I think it can be interesting I take a look, however I focus on topics more related to my level.

I appreciate you find some of the answers useful, others made the same with me (with better explanations :slight_smile:)

About dropbox I just logged in and then I drag and drop my .skp file, then the file is automaticaly upload, I chose share and then the option get a link.

When I have a trouble or I don’t know how to get something I take a fast look on YouTube or Google if I don’t get an answer then I open a thread in which:

  • I describe my doubt or issue.
  • I attach screenshots if it’s necessary.
  • I attach a .gif if I need to show the steps I’m following.
  • I attach my .skp file

SketchUP has good tutorials, I didn’t see all of them, but you can find some of them useful.

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